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One of Payson Road's goals is to help people by expressing themselves through creative outlets. Poetry is one of the most passionate and intimate forms of writing. Over the years Payson Road professional and amateur of the poets have expressed their suffering, pain, delight, spirituality, sexuality, frustrations, love and many other emotions through their words. I thank them all for sharing a piece of themselves with us. We will be posting excerpt from the original Great Wall of Poetry so stay tuned for those. 

In honor of Payson Road 2.0, and our rise from the ashes, please enjoy this moving and beautiful poem, Phoenix Rising, by Carmen Colombo who is not affiliated with Payson Road but we felt it was a fitting sentiment. 

By Carmen Colombo
Out of my ashes
 will rise a new phoenix. A soaring being
 returning from death
 proving once again
 that life is eternal. I live forever
 because the spirit
 never dies. I will return
 in another body
 in another time,
 but it is me. The me who is me now
 will always be. As long as I live,
 I learn.
 And I live
 F o r e v e r

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