Payson Road...
  • is a community of mentors and mentees dedicated to supporting each other and everyone who seeks support for their eating disorder.
  • approaches recovery by nurturing the creative spirit.
  • believes everybody's story is unique and that common risk factors and similarities exist but do not define who we are as individuals.
  • is dedicated to finding new and creative ways of healing.
  • will not let you suffer in silence, anymore.
This is a community, a place to explore your creativity and let it guide you toward recovery. Payson Road is dedicated to the individual story. Eating Disorders are personal. Although we share common links our disease grips us very individually. You are not a statistic. You have a story and we want to hear it. And we want you to hear ours. Together we will help each other.

This is Payson Road.

*Legacy Payson Roaders, if you're looking for legacy content from the original site, please email me and I will do my best to furnish it. Thanks for your support! xoS