January 7, 2012

Welcome Back to Payson Road!

To the many supporters and loyal community members on Payson Road, thank you for your patience. Get ready...we're coming back!

Payson Road launched in 2000 and was one of the first eating disorder sites online and one of the original Blogs before the term was coined. For over 10 years Payson Road has proudly helped support the many women, men, girls and boys suffering in silence with eating disorders find their voice through creative outlets.
The next stage of Payson Road continues the journey and transformation into the new world of social media and what it's always been best at, blogging.

The purple page is back with the same critical mission:

Expanding awareness and prevention of eating disorders and advancing recovery through the support of creative expression.

Join us as we continue the journey.


  1. Sarah Lou5:04 AM

    So pleased to be back! The purple page has been invaluable to me revisiting time and time again.
    Let's get this thing moving again.
    Much love
    Sarah Lou xxx

  2. In the past I always read the Blog but never joined before, But this time not only do I feel I want to read but I am ready to be a voice also, So glad your back, Love Sian xxx

  3. Bob J.6:15 PM

    Good to see activity under the Payson Road name again. I'm still in touch with some of the old members, from many years ago.


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