July 19, 2006

Drugs, no blame Ed!

Black Eyes Peas’ Fergie lied about bulimia to hide drug addiction
Washington: Black Eyes Peas frontwoman Fergie was so desperate to hide the fact that she was addicted to drugs that she even lied and blamed her weight loss on bulimia.
Fergie revealed that she had been so frantic to hide her drug problem, that when her bandmates staged an intervention, she blamed the eating disorder for her dramatic weight loss.
"They staged an intervention, at which point I told them I was bulimic (to cover up for the fact that) I was only 90 pounds (41 kilograms). I put up a whole front - I even took them to Overeaters Anonymous with me," Contactmusic quoted her, as saying.
"I've never been bulimic in my life, but when you're a drug addict, you lie. I don't want to be the poster girl for crystal meth, but it's very addicting, and people don't know just how addicting it is!" she added.


  1. So it's not ok to talk about having an eating disorder unless of course you don't actually have one?
    This made me so mad, like it is ok to have bulimia more so than it is than being a drug addict. To me it reads as though Bulimia isn't as serious as drug addiction.

  2. Anonymous7:05 AM

    I didn't get that impression. I honestly believe that any addiction takes on a mind of it's own and she just jumped to the first thing that came to mind when confronted. I know I lied plenty and would have pled just about anything but the true cause. Think about how much easier it is to "recover" from something you don't have. To be under that constant scrutiny and pass under watchful eyes without getting caught...since it's not something you do. Not to say she even put in that much thought, but I can easily see how that would have come out of her mouth. However, I do wish celebrities who suffer would be more open and honest. What she did doesn't make me happy, but I do see how it could happen.
    Sarah St.

  3. As a mental health counselor who works with the addicted, I can understand her desperate lie. I don't think she was trying to give the impression that Bulimia is some how "better" than drug addiction--I think she picked something that would explain her weight loss and desperately hold on to her drug of choice. As anon said, addiction takes on a mind of its own and an addict will make up any story to hold on to the drug (especially something as addictive as meth).


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