June 19, 2006

Jade says NO!

Jade's Million-Pound 'No'
Everyone thinks that today's "instant" reality TV stars will do anything for fame and cash.
But not so Jade Goody, who's put her principles before her purse.
Big Brother star Jade has turned down a whopping £1.5m deal to promote diet pills - because of her own past as a slimming pill addict.
"After writing about my experiences in my autobiography, I simply couldn't be associated with a slimming product, no matter how good it is," she told the Daily Mirror.
Jade was nicknamed Miss Piggy in the Big Brother House, and famously stripped off to show her "kebab belly".
After she left the compound she dropped two dress sizes and made £130,000 from a fitness video.
But her weight loss wasn't problem-free. In her autobiography she admitted to developing bulimia as well as an addiction to diet pills.
Jade believes the slimming pills she took contained amphetamines, and says she once mixed them with absinthe at a kids' party.
John Dixon, whose firm sells the herbal pills said: "I admire Jade for being principled enough to turn down that kind of money."

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  1. So do some 'celebs' have a conscience?


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