June 23, 2006


Coping with eating disorders
5.28PM, Thu Jun 22 2006

ITV News has been highlighting the problem of eating disorders as hundreds of thousands of people battle with them daily.
Currently, 90,000 people are being treated for bulimia but doctors fear the figure could be as high as 1 million undiagnosed cases in Britain alone.
The illness is characterised by episodes of binge-eating, and then vomiting, and experts say it's the hardest eating disorder to spot, and the most common.
Another common eating disorder is anorexia which has been described as the most deadly psychiatric disorder. Specialists estimate more than 20 per cent of anorexia sufferers will die - either from collapse of their vital organs or through suicide.
Meanwhile, 10 per cent of men are said to be dealing with an eating disorder despite the belief that it's an illness that only affects women.
Specialists believe this figure too is way higher, with many more young men and boys too scared to ask for help as society's growing obsession with body image continues.


  1. I find this piece quite refreshing. It is great that Britains National news is highlighting the seriousness of Eating disorders and inparticular mentioning men and all without the use of a celebrity who has 'had' and eating disorder.

    I think that this is a valuable piece of news that should be re-broadcast from time to time and bring home how serious eating disorders are. In my opinion it also takes away some of the shame stigma that is attached to having an eating disorder, after all it is being dicussed openly on national television!

  2. Eating disorders like anorexia and bulemia are traditionally associated with women.

    But it is not just a female problem, it affects men as well. In fact it affects 10 percent of men.

    Chris Burrows and Lewis John are two such men.

    They are at the priory clinic in Birmingham, and its the first time two men have been there at the same time.

    Lewis's eating problems started when he was very young.

    He was teased for being overweight as a child and so by the time he hit his teens he started a drastic diet of starving himself and working out every day, and it worked until he found a girlfriend, but then he realised he could not stop.

    Specialists say men have the same doubts about their bodies as women, but different ways of expressing it.


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