June 21, 2006

Funny - NOT!

I just read about an interview with Russell Brand. He actually seemed like an interesting character who I thought I was going to like, that was until I got part way through the interview and read his view on his bulimia:

'I was bulimic, actually,' he says quietly, 'from about the age of 11 or 12. And then at about 16, I suddenly became slimmer. It took a while,' he grins, 'but that bulimia, once it took hold, truly was a blessing.' Brand assumes a schoolmasterly tone. 'But if you don't use that bulimia correctly, it'll be the ruination of you.'

I cannot write down what this made me feel without using obscene language. I am appalled by his view and the fact that the quote was actually printed.
How can he talk about bulimia like this? It makes me think he is warped and also I have to question his actual bulimic period. No I'm not a doctor but surely someone who has suffered from an eating disorder and has come through it AND in the public eye would not glamourize it like this?
RArrrrrrr! This has made me so angry

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  1. How infuriating!!

  2. Anonymous12:23 PM

    That is horrendous. Can we sue this man and make him donate large sums of money to ED prevention in kids??? That would be a good punishment and a good eye opener.

  3. REALLY? You have to be kidding me? Anyone who reads that could easily get caught up in the whole ED downfall. I don't believe that people choose to have ED, because let me tell you I have had mine for 20 plus years and would not wish this on my worst enemy! There is nothing good about it! Maybe he needs to look through my eyes for a day..I dont think he would be saying that anymore. Do people think before they speak? Unbelievable!!!Yes he should donate to ED education...good idea!


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