January 15, 2006

Felicity Huffman Reveals She Was Bulimic

Tonight on 60 Minutes Felicity Huffman, star of Desperate Housewives and the current film, Transamerica, revealed to Leslie Stahl that she had been Bulimic when she was young.

Unfortunately, when questioned why, she said that like many young girls it was the feeling of not being able to be thin enough. Her answer really disappointed me. I also felt that it was not honest. She breezed over the topic.

Ironically, she was very honest, and forceful when questioned if being a mother was the greatest thing of her life. She said no, and that she resented the question. It startled Leslie Stahl who didn't handle the response well. She bumbled around using typical cultural guideline question...do you not spend enough time, are you not doing the right things...yada YADA.

What Huffman, I believe, was trying to point out was, why would she go there? Why do people always go there? Here's this incredibly successful woman who's on the top of her game professional right now and all Leslie Stahl can do is ask if being a mother is the highlight of her life? I loved Huffman's comeback. I wish she had been more passionate about her experiences with Bulimia.


  1. Isn't it just the norm to sweep over the concept of bulimia and focus on something else, be it motherhood, shopping, drugs?

    I read an article recently about Sienna Miller's new role in Factory Girl. There was a a double page spead about Edie Sedgwick's life, mainly about her drugs habit but there was only a sentence or two about her bulimia! Obviously once again bulimia was something to be swept under the carpet!

    Sarah Lou

  2. I missed 60 Minutes last night but downloaded and listened to the podcast today. I wish she could have been more vocal about her struggle with bulimia, but wonder what kind of treatment she got. Did her therapist ever bother to delve into that realm of what caused the whole thing to begin, or was it a fix the symptoms and not address the cause kind of situation. I believe many people I know went through that kind of recovery. Those of us who are here know better and continue to try and learn, but I am not sure that the average "recovered" person has much more knowledge than that average joe on the the street. It's not so PC to learn about, hard to find good information....and, if you didn't deal with underlying causes, maybe too triggering to even begin to think about. Maybe not in this case, but I had to throw that out there...


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