January 18, 2006

ELLEgirl Questions 10,000 Girls on How They Feel About Their Bodies

ELLEgirl Questions 10,000 Girls on How They Feel About Their Bodies
HealthNewsDigest.com - January 16, 2006

ELLEgirl asked 10,000+ ELLEgirls from the U.S., Holland, Korea, Russia, and the U.K. how they feel about their bodies. We asked the hard questions: Have you ever struggled with an eating disorder? Do you wish you had someone else's butt/thighs/breasts? ELLEgirl readers shared the pressures they face, their most insecure moments, and what they love most about themselves.

ELLEgirl discovered that:

60% of girls in American have a positive body image, opposed to Korea where only 17% have a healthy body image

The number one aim of polled U.S. girls aged 11-17 years is to be thinner, rather than smarter, funnier, or friendlier

While 86% of Russian girls chose being healthy over being thin, only 70% of American girls felt the same way

Only 18% of American girls have used diet pills or drinks to make you slimmer, as opposed to a staggering 68% of Korean girls

Children as young as 5 are concerned with weight and shape. Over 80% of U.S. 10-year olds are afraid of being fat; and over 50% of 9 and 10-year olds feel better about themselves when they are on a diet


  1. My first comment would be that they polled TEN THOUSAND GIRLS and this is ALL they wrote about it!!!

    Frankly, some of the numbers seem off as well. 60% of American girls have a positive body image? Who are these girls?? I listen to my 9 year old niece talk about her 'slender' body and I just can't believe the number is that high!! Especially with the obesity epidemic that is going on in our country.


  2. Yeah, there's no way 60% is a correct number and in comparison to Korean girls? Who did this study? I hope it's not that same Korean guy who claimed he successfully cloned a human, and is now under criminal investigation. ;)

    I haven't heard 5 year olds being concerned about being overweight, but I have heard as low as 9.

    And 86% of Russian girls chose being healthy over being thin? COME ON! I know a lot of Russian women and that stat is just bogus.

    I think there's something fishy and sensationalist about this so-called poll!


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