November 4, 2005

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Sarah Mason
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  1. Hi Sarah,
    I found this by accident (having spent way more time online lately than I'd care to admit) and now can't figure out how to start my own thread. I did set up my own communicate with my sister...but couldn't figure out how to do that here. Figured I'd go this comment route first.
    I am so frustrated with America right now. We seem uneducated, have a horrendous healthcare system (of uneducated people) and I feel like all I've done is educate people in the past week. I took my friend to the hospital on Sunday and they were pretty much useless. I had to ask to see her labs, I had to explain why the cup of coffee that went with her IV was insane, wasted two hours waiting for her pregnacy test results (did anyone ask when she's last had sex...or her period for that matter), etc., etc., etc. Her therapist isn't much better. Latte's (which are really coffee with equal) are taken at their word and not checked. Food is hidden and not found. While everyone agrees she needs help, no one can seem to find it for her. I am more upset of her behalf than I ever was on mine. I am able to see into her situation with so much more clarity than I ever could my own. My question is this. Can anyone who's not walked in those shoes really understand? I think a rare few can....I've been lucky to find them to be my team.....but most cannot. I think the most dangerous people out there are the ones who think they can help and have no idea what they are doing. I've really experienced more frustration with inept professionals than I have with my exasperating, defiant friend. At least she and I can talk about what we don't know or we are aware of what those things are. Is trying to educate the world something than can be done? This week I have felt like it's throwing my heart and soul into a black hole. Sarah, I respect what you do all the more right now. I have this feeling my life is heading in that direction right now. While I am frustrated to my core, I am also angrier than I've ever been. The world is such a big adversary.
    I fully realize this should have been it's own thread, and would appreciate if someone can explain to my technilogically challenged brain how to do that.
    Thought from one and all....about how to save the world!.....are appreciated.
    Take care,
    Sarah St.


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